The solar group was founded in 1956 at Bucharest Observatory, by Prof. Calin Popovici, post-mortem member of Romanian Academy after 1990. 
The research was focused on the solar patrol of the photosphere and chromosphere in the frame of the international cooperation to survey the solar activity. Regularly observations of sunspot groups, prominences and flares activity, were submitted to the world data centers and were also published in our own bulletinObservations Solaires (1956-1997).

Statistical studies of solar activity and, later, MHD numerical simulations of coronal mass ejections and coronal streamers were the main topics in our articles.

A short history of our work was published at the 50th anniversary in the Fifty Years of Romanian Astrophysics book.

Current researches

Coronal mass ejections and their interplanetary counterparts were observationally studied by our team in the frame of an ESA-PECS project (2007-2009) as main drivers of the space weather conditions.

Currently, we pay attention to the solar activity monitor and space weather , the multi-wavelength study of the active regions, filaments evolution and stability, numerical simulations,  coronal mass ejections and their interplanetary counterparts  researches.